Lightspark Overview


The Lightspark Foundation (“Lightspark”) is a nonprofit organization (501(c)(3) status pending) dedicated to improving social relations through story. We believe that the path to social progress—including innovation and conflict resolution—and is guided by empathy, and we see story as the straightest line to achieving it. Guided by our core values of transparency, integrity, diversity, veracity, affinity, and humanity, we serve our mission through four main initiatives: media literacy education, storyteller development, grant-making, and community-building.



Lightspark VISION

Lightspark aims to create a world where our mediated communications promote authenticity, equity, and inclusion, where all demographics are meaningfully represented and engaged in the public discourse, and where humanity draws inspiration for innovative solutions to social problems through empathy-oriented communication.


In Lightspark’s world, facts matter, we treat each other with compassion and respect, and the opportunity for self-actualization is abundant—the privilege to excel is proffered to all willing to work for it, not according to a rigged system of hard cronyism and softer accumulative advantages. The general public is informed about, engaged in, and accountable for making the world a safer, smarter, and more fulfilling place for all, and the lines that support an “us-vs.-them” paradigm dissolve.

Lightspark Mission

Our mission is to help humanity engender empathy for each other and a better understanding of the world around us through education, storyteller development, grant-making, and community- and coalition-building by supporting important and underrepresented perspectives to reach the largest possible (or most appropriate or effective) audiences.