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Invoking the adage “sunlight is the best disinfectant,” we recognize that accountability derives from transparency. We’re committed to sharing our intentions and operations with the world to enlist the help of collaborators in our mission. We stand behind the work we do with pride.


We do the right thing and keep our promises. And in the rare instances we can’t keep a promise, we do our best to mitigate any fallout for the stakeholders involved.


We value unique perspectives forged through lived experiences, and believe that including a cross-section of voices in decision-making both increases population representation and reduces the likelihood of groupthink, leading to sounder and more sophisticated solutions.


While perception may account for individuals’ personal experience of reality, facts still matter. We rely on scientific, evidence-based practices and analytics to make and track important, pragmatic decisions.


We collaborate with others who share our vision whenever possible, recognizing the power of building coalitions and the wisdom of socializing strategies and tactics.


We’re driven by compassion, friendliness, and respect for our fellow humankind in our interactions with our stakeholders. Relationships are important to us, and sometimes the most effective way to understand others is to meet them where they are. We’ll step out of our comfort zone if that’s the best way to build a bridge.

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