Media Literacy Education.

In our brave new world, where people at any point along the sociopolitical spectrum can construct nearly fact-free echo chambers that merely affirm their preconceptions—and where 40% of Americans get most of their news from their personally curated Facebook feeds—the public’s immunity to being duped is gravely weakened. Lightspark designs and curates age-appropriate and pedagogically sound curricula for students in public and private education, grades K-12. These curricula cultivate critical thinking skills and provide context for analysis, enabling students to thrive as informed and engaged global citizens.

Storyteller Development.

Privilege is the accumulation of a lifetime of advantages, large and small, that position those in some demographics to self-actualize and freely voice their perspectives, while those from other demographics struggle to satisfy basic needs or to be heard in the collective conversation. To help correct this imbalance, we discover underrepresented voices, cultivate their skills, and empower them to broadcast their views to substantial audiences through our Studio programs, where they’re paired with industry veterans and personal mentors in a workshop format. Examples of Lightspark Studios include Screenwriting, Songwriting, Journalism, Composition (both Fiction and Music), Producing (both Narrative and Documentary), and Directing (both Narrative and Documentary).


Sometimes the best way to support a project is through a financial contribution, so our Grants program manages the curation and disbursement of our contributions to artistic and journalistic projects. Grant amounts can range from $1,000 to $100,000 or more (depending on the scope of the project and its alignment with our mission), and may inure to the benefit of individual projects or nonprofit organizations.


While much of our work revolves around mediated communication, there’s no substitute for good, old-fashioned facetime. Through producing events like the Lightspark Entertainment Media Summit, we gather the right people in the right place at the right time to facilitate meaningful connections and extensive learning opportunities.